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KP-Drum KitPak from Audio-Technica

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The new KitPak has four microphones all designed for close-miking drum sets. The protective carrying case holds two Snare/Tom mics and two Kick/Tom mics that feature all-metal housings, built-in adjustable stand mounting and a low-profile design for minimum visibility on stage. The Snare/Tom mic has a frequency response of 100Hz to 12kHz and a sensitivity of -58dB. The Kick/Tom mic has a wider response measured from 60Hz to 12kHz and a -59dB sensitivity. Both mics are cardioid dynamic types and are engineered to withstand high sound pressures and still provide good sound pickup around the drum kit. The entire package sells for $259 and even includes an AT drum key. For much more you should contact Audio-Technica at 330-686-2600 or WEB at:

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