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Nikki Sixx Signature Car Power Amp from JVC

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Nikki Sixx Signature Car Power Amp from JVC JVC has secured the endorsement of Nikki Sixx of Motley Crüe for three of five new amps in a new celebrity signature series. Featuring Class-A MOS-FET circuitry and a built-in cross-over network with variable frequency, input level and bass boost controls, the KS-AX6750 amp features a black-light illuminated control panel and decorative flames just like Nikki's '57 Chevy. The KS-AX6750 has a maximum of 900 watts mono or 330 watts stereo. Load impedance is rated at 2 ohms (2-8 ohms allowable), signal-to-noise ratio is stated at 100 dB (IHF) with distortion products less than 0.04%. Frequency response is 10 Hz to 60kHz with a crossover frequency range of 50 Hz to 250 Hz and a bass boost frequency at 45 Hz. Other good features include: gold-plated RCA input terminals; over-temperature protection; large output terminal posts; and the aforementioned black light illuminated control panel for easy access to level and crossover controls--even in complete darkness.

The KS-AX6750 sells for $429.95 MSRP and is the top of the line and most powerful in the series. JVC's 2002 Mobile Entertainment products are at 800-526-5308 or visit JVC's website at

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