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PCP Instrument Distro from Little Labs

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The Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro is a distribution amplifier and switching matrix for sending electric guitar signals to multiple amps or to +4dBv professional outboard signal processing gear. The unit has a single guitar input jack and three XLR +4dBm studio line level inputs used for "reamping" already recorded audio tracks. This is wonderful to me but the front panel switching matrix allows you to route any combinations of these signals to any one of three separate outputs, each with a separate master level control.

Routing two signals to the same output results in a mix of the two. The Distro is designed to not demolish your guitar sound in this process and provide both a level-correct and impedance correct guitar-like signal to your favorite guitar amp head. In addition, all grounding problems are handle by the many ground lift switches that let you chase down hums quickly.

Also a direct box, the Distro has both a balanced low impedance XLR output jack as well as a unbalanced low impedance line driver output jack for driving long guitar cables with minimal high frequency loss. This is when you want to put your combo amp out in the studio and play sitting back in the control room. Other features include phase flips, a slave jack for slaving another Distro for up to six total outputs and LED matrix status indicators. The unit sells for $945 and is perfect for getting multiple wireless receiver outputs to different guitar amps. For much more contact Little Labs at 6711 Whitley Terrace, Hollywood, Ca 90068 or call 800-642-0064 and Web to:

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