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GuitarPort RiffTracker from Line 6

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GuitarPort RiffTracker GuitarPort RiffTracker is a PC-based recording system especially designed for guitarists that uses Line 6's GuitarPort hardware to interface the computer and RiffWorks™ recording software by Sonoma Wire Works to provide a virtual amp, stomp box and effects tone rig--a virtual Line6 PODxt.

All you need is a laptop (or desktop) PC, speakers or headphones and you're ready to record you songs. Without any difficult, problematic configuration, GuitarPort RiffTracker contains all of the connections needed to track guitar, monitor the results and build your songs. Exclusive features in this system enable users to set a tempo and initiate track recording from their guitar itself. New tracks are automatically created while recording so adding multiple takes or layers are easy to do without any 'brain switching' from flashes of musical ideas to the sobering technical concerns of multitrack digital recording.

Also included in the RiffWorks software is InstantDrummer™. Just pick a groove, count off a tempo and InstantDrummer immediately begins to play a continuously varying drum track (you can dial in different amounts of variation, fills, intensity, and ambience) using a perfectly matched, full kit studio drum recording. InstantDrummer has kits from a variety of sessions created by Drums on Demand and Sonoma Wire Works.

Other RiffWorks features include the ability to open loop files in the REX and REX2 format and apply up to seven studio-quality effects per recorded track. Final songs can be mixed and rendered as .WAV files, suitable for burning to CD or converting to smaller MP3 files great to send to songwriting collaborators. In addition, RiffWorks acts as a ReWire mixer application and can synchronize with Reason, Live, Project 5 and other ReWire synth applications. For more information visit

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