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Gauge Precision ECM-87 Condenser Microphone

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Gauge Precision ECM-87 Condenser Microphone The brain trust of multi-platinum recording engineers Chandler Bridges and Rob Chiarelli, Gauge Precision has launched a new line of studio microphones starting with the ECM-87 side-address condenser model. Made in China using more precision components and capsules built to higher standards typically used, Rob and Chandler listen to each mic, pick out the best and ship the rest back to China! Amazing to me!

The ECM-87 has a 1.07-inch diameter capsule with a six-micron thick diaphragm. This cardioid-only condenser microphone is a transformer-less design within a low profile body that's slightly smaller and lighter than similar-looking microphones. The mic is an externally biased true condenser and 48-volt phantom powered. It has a high pass filter (for reducing low frequencies and rumble) but it is only accessible by removing the case. It comes with a storage bag, shock mount and metal pop screen that attaches to the mic stand. My early (review) version's shock mount was a little big and did not securely hold the mic. This has been fixed with subsequent mics.

I used the mic here at my Tones 4 $ Studios and also on a tracking session at nearby Paramount recording studios in North Hollywood (use to be Ray Parker's Ameraycan Studios). In both sessions the mic exhibited low self-noise and had no trouble taking the high sound pressure when used as a drum room mic. Here at my studio, I tried it for both acoustic guitars and vocals. It has a great sound with a wide-open high frequency response for both applications. On acoustics, it was bright enough and did not require the low roll-off when six inches over the twelfth fret of a Martin D28. On vocals, it compared favorably to a tube "47 clone" I've been using. Later in mixing, I found little need to equalize either of the tracks recorded with this mic--always a good thing as any recording engineer will tell you.

Some specifications to compare to other mics costing much more are: frequency response is listed at 20-20kHz; sensitivity @ 1kHz, 94dB SPL produces 12.5mV; 200 ohms impedance; noise 17 db (A weighted IEC 651); max SPL for 0.5% @ 1kHz is 128dB (pretty decent I might add).

The Gauge Precision sells for $149 MSRP and for more information. Check: For more about Rob Chiarelli, go to: and Chandler Bridges at:

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