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gig-fx Quiet Cable gig-fx™ Quiet Cable Quiet Cable is quiet for two main reasons. First of all, the cables use oxygen-free copper conductors for low electrical resistance and lowest distributed capacitance. Excessive cable capacitance acts like a filter or equalizer by rolling off the delicate high frequencies and fast transients of your guitar's output signal. Furthermore, the cables have double-braided shielding for both flexible toughness and elimination of extraneous noises.

Secondly, all Quiet Cables use gold-plated, corrosion-proof jacks that have Quiet Buttons built-in. The jack with the Quiet Button is intended to plug into your instrument and the other end into your amplifier. These buttons mute by automatically shorting the center pin to ground when you unplug the cable from your guitar.

I got addicted to this feature quickly because there is no need to switch my amp to standby to avoid annoying and potentially damaging speaker pops and loud buzzes when changing guitars. With a Quiet Cable, I don't have to think about such a mundane detail while in the middle of a creative spark--I just go ahead and change instruments without fear of hurting my speakers, ears or annoying my studio clients.

The slim-line Quiet Jacks are designed for easy insertion and removal from Fender Strats or any other angled jack sockets. The cables are made observing RoHS rules (no lead used in manufacture), come in various lengths from 5 to over 19-feet and are only available direct from at half price ($10 to $30) depending on length.

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