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Gauge Precision ECM-58 Dynamic Mic

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Gauge Precision ECM-58 Dynamic Gauge Precision's first foray into dynamic (moving coil) microphones, the ECM-58, is a winner for live performance, sound reinforcement, recording studio and broadcast applications. It is made out of metal throughout, has the look and feel of a Shure SM58, and comes complete with carrying pouch and mic clip. The spherical wind and pop filter unscrews (like the SM58) for cleaning and works well to suppress plosives as compared to my Shure SM57 instrument dynamic mic.

A check of the frequency response curve supplied by Gauge Precision matches up well with Shure's published curves for the SM58 with the cardioid ECM-58 starting its low frequency roll-off very slightly higher. This is good to counteract the low frequency buildup from the proximity effect caused by close singing and "eating the mic" as is the case most of the time when singing live.

Other specs are: 50Hz to 15kHz frequency response; its sensitivity is rated at 76dB +/-3dB (0dB=1v/pa at 1 KHz); has a standard impedance of 150 ohms; equivalent noise is 18 db (A weighted IEC 651); max SPL at 129dB for 0.5% THD @ 1kHz; and it weighs 10.5 ounces.

Gauge Precision ECM-58 Dynamic

I found the ECM-58 to work well for vocals--it handles everything put to it with no trouble. It is also rugged too--I accidentally dropped it without incurring any dents as I've seen happen with other mics. Just as an experiment for recording guitar with the ECM-58, I found it was fatter and warmer sounding versus my SM57 when recording electric guitar amps. I checked this twice--I didn't believe it.

The ECM-58 at $58 is perfect for any singer no matter their singing style and sound. It also turns out to be a good little utility mic for around the studio whether for vocals or guitars. Check for much more.

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