MoReVox DriveDrums
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by Barry Rudolph
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MoReVox DriveDrums

Developed by Sabino Cannone for his MoReVox company in Italy, DriveDrums are two distinctively different sets of drum samples both created using the very best analog processing and distortion. The Drive Drums uses distortion from mic pre-amps, tubes, tape compression and tube compressors to produce these fresh, slightly "pushed" sounds. The collection of Over Samples get their rougher character using valve/console pre-amps, and dedicated distortion outboard such as stomp pedals.

The Drive samples include Kicks, Snares, Toms, and Cymbals. Each sample is a 24-bit, uncompressed stereo, 44.1kHz .WAV file. The kicks come as 15 folders each with anywhere from five to 15 samples of each drum at different velocities or loudness and force of the drummer's hit. Kick drum sounds run the gamut from mostly real drums that are heavily compressed and/or EQ'd to more electronically processed but natural sounding hits. I had no problem putting any of these kicks into real drum kit recordings to "beef up" the existing bass drum sound.

The Drive Snares were also presented in 15 folders with anywhere from 6 to 16 different velocity hits. A lot of the snare samples have a great ambience you can appreciate in the stereo field. For example Drive Snare 12 has 16 different velocities making it a good choice for wide dynamical playing with good samples for ghost hits and snare drags. The loudest hit has quite a bit of an ambience/reverb tail that would be good for slow jam ballads.

The Drive Toms folders are laid out differently. There are four Drive Tom folders again starting with natural sound tom-toms and getting more aggressive with folder three sporting some very aggressive tom sounds that sound overloaded and compressed to the max.

Each folder has four toms: three rack toms with high, medium and low and also a single floor tom. You get four, five or more samples of each drum at different velocities. This more than enough for Pop music!

The Over Samples also come in Kick, Snares, Toms, and Cymbals folders. They are much more distorted and "blown up" sounds. Depending on the distortion treatment, you also get up to 12 different velocity-based samples. I found these more interesting to use with normal drum kits. They put an aggressive edge to otherwise normal, flat-footed drummer performances.

Both Drive and Over samples come with sets of great cymbal sounds and like the toms, they are sampled in stereo and in their appropriate panned position and approximate volume of a balanced, stereo drum kit recording. If you build a kit from these samples and use them in stereo, you'll have a very realistic sounding overall kit--even though it'll sound like it's been to hell and back.

There is also a set of cross-stick samples that are the best I've heard lately--a good cross stick sound is a difficult task for most drummers to play live and these are perfecto!

MoReVoX DriveDrums contains 30 Kicks, 30 Snares, 8 Toms Racks, 30 Cymbals and more for a total of 800 Samples. They are available on DVD & Digital Download for $99 or on DVD for $129. They come in Drumagog, DrumRehab (TL), Battery 3 and raw .WAV formats. More information or demos check:

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