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by Barry Rudolph
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Elixir Guitar CablesElixir® Strings, pioneer of long-life strings has been making Elixir™ Cables for over a year now--they are their first fretted instrument accessory outside of their guitar strings. The ultimate goal of any audio cable is to relay or transmit the audio signal without loss or worst yet, coloration of the sound. The 30-foot cable I received comes with a chart on the packaging that shows the Elixir cable has less loss than typical cables by providing clearer high frequencies, and smoother, more balanced mids.

Distributed capacitance is the enemy of audio cables: simply put, the higher capacitance per foot of cable length, the more the high frequencies are diminished--not to mention other deleterious effects. Elixir Cables use a patented cable construction to achieve 10pF (picofarads) per foot versus the 30 to 50 pF of most cables.

Elixir™ Cables are available in lengths of 10, 15, 20 and 30-foot lengths with both right and straight angle jack plugs available. Elixir™ Cables somehow combine durability and flexibility; they do not seem to twist or remain in a twisted shape no matter how or how long they are coiled up for storage. Even my 30-footer does not easily twist or knot up but lies on the floor without curling up. I also like the custom grip housings on the plugs that make them easy to plug in/out.

Prices start at $49.95 for the 10-foot cable and for more information, please visit www.elixirstrings.com.

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