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Gauge Precision ECM-47 Condenser Microphone

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Gauge Precision ECM-47 Gauge Precision ECM-47

It's hard to believe that the ECM-47, at just $479, is Gauge Precision 's flagship condenser tube microphone. Are these guys on drugs? Following on the heels of their ECM-87 model, this multi-pattern condenser microphone is exceptional for recording vocals, guitars, grand piano, drum overheads--in other words just about everything.

I received the ECM-47 and immediately put it through the paces here at my Tones 4 $ Studios. It's built super-well and utilizes a 6072 tube and huge output transformer inside. It comes tucked in a nice wooden box and that's packed into an aluminum suitcase along with a remote power supply, shock mount basket, pop filter, and all cables required.

I used my Prodigy Engineering 8-channel remotely controlled mic pre-amp (Sold through FDW-Worldwide) and found the ECM-47 fat and clean sounding with a boost in the upper midrange--an EQ I usually have to add when recording and/or mixing. The ECM-47 has nine polar patterns switchable on the power supply. You can have the supply in your control room and try all the patterns while your singer or musician is performing--no need to stop the flow--and changing between patterns is noise-free--no clicks.

I found the mic good for both male and female singers especially 'dark voiced' people who require some brightness to be understood and heard over a pumping track. I think this mic works great for cello and viola and for small-bodied acoustic guitars. Again the ECM-47's sonic character compliments these sources in a way better than trying to carve a sonic shape with an equalizer.

Specs are: 20-20kHz frequency response; 16mv/Pa sensitivity; just 18dBA equivalent noise level (very low for a tube mic); 1.38-inch (35mm) capsule with a 6 micron thick diaphragm and a max SPL rating of 135dB! Check for much more on this good studio tool!

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