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JHAudio PRO Music Series In-Ear Monitors

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JHAudio PRO Music Series In-Ear Monitors
JHAudio PROS In One Of Many Custom Color/Designs
Imagine what your music would sound like if you used the same in-ear monitors (IEM) your favorite music stars use on stage and in the studio? The JHAudio PRO Music Series are custom-fit, in-ear audio monitors used by Keith Urban, Roger Waters, Kenny Chesney, Aerosmith, Guns 'N Roses, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park and others and now there are four new models to choose from. All deliver accurate sound quality with greater clarity and up to 26dB of external noise reduction. Loud, external sounds compete with the enjoyment of your music enjoyment and, in order to hear, you may find yourself cranking up the volume to an unsafe level.

Like all JHAudio IEMs, the four new models in the JHAudio PRO Series all feature the company's proprietary precision-balanced armatures and integrated three-way crossovers for the lowest possible distortion and the clearest sound. Other features with these super high quality IEMs are: detachable plugs on each monitor so you can replace the cables easily (if ever necessary); an included, smaller size (that I prefer) water proof Otter Case™ to hold them and all accessories; and their shells (covers) are available in clear and over 50 other custom colors--add your band's logo as a personal touch.

The four models are: JH10X3 PRO at $799 with separate low, mid and high frequency drivers and a frequency response of 20Hz to 17kHz; at $850 get the JH11 PRO with dual LF drivers and a single mid-range and HF drivers with 10Hz to 17kHz response; the JH13 PRO sells for $1,099 and it's a six-driver model that features dual low, mid and high range drivers and a 10Hz to 20kHz range; and lastly is the JH16 PRO, the only 8 driver in-ear monitor available today. It has double dual low frequency drivers, single dual mid and single dual high frequency drivers all channeled through three bore holes to you. These have a 10Hz to 20kHz frequency response and retail for $1,149.

I received a pair of JH16 PROs for review but before I could get them, I had to have in-ear impressions made. All four sets of IEMs in the JHAudio PRO Music Series are custom-made using in-ear impressions of each of the customer's ear canals. An audiologist is required for this painless and safe procedure that takes about a half hour. In about 10 days I had my own customized pair of JH16 PROs.

Since I've received the JH16 PROs, I continue to be amazed at how good they sound! I've been utilizing them just like my main monitor speakers: for listening to music--especially in my Tones 4 $ Studios for recording and checking mixes. I find them to be like "sonic microscopes" for analyzing the tonality and balance of music. They also prevent most intrusive loud outside sounds (loud cars and trucks, leaf blowers, screaming people etc.) I find distracting while working on music in poorly soundproof rooms.

I power them using my Aphex Model 454 HeadPod headphone amp and I like having a standardized listening method/system I can trust, put in my pocket and take with me anywhere. If I suspect the sonic accuracy of the monitor loudspeakers in an unfamiliar control room, out come the JH16 PROs--my favorite traveling companion! For more information about the JHAudio PRO series, check:

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